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Under the working term'Schauarchiv' I designed the 125th anniversary exhibition of the Museum August Kestner. In the staircase one is welcomed by an incarnated chaotic arrangement of the exhibits, some of which are presented in/on original transport boxes. This arrangement stands symbolically for the way of the collection pieces to the museum, or the collection, archiving and preservation of the exhibits. One historical archive cabinet from the origins of the museum serves as a sluice into the'now'. It leads to the main exhibition room. A clear and very minimal design language dominates here. File shelves with a height of 270 cm form the main exhibition element. A clear grid has been maintained, each shelf is equipped with a fluorescent lamp. The atmosphere is clear but also a bit cool. This is counteracted by the presentation of the exhibits. The aim was to present 'mass' and as many things as possible, which otherwise are not part of the permanent exhibition, and to show the treasures of the museum.


Exhibition- Design


Museum August Kestner, Hannover, Germany



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