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The exhibition 'Enchanting Anhui' was conceived and realized by us for the government of the Chinese province of Anhui. The state of Lower Saxony and the province of Anhui have been linked by a 28-year partnership. The aim of the ministry was to celebrate the partnership in a special setting and to further expand the dialogue. The exhibition was opened by a ceremony attended by representatives of the State of Lower Saxony and a delegation from China. The scope of our work included all areas from the brainstorming to the realization, as well as the elaboration of an extensive marketing package. We built individual furniture for the presentation of the exhibits and at the same time designed atmospheric details. The eight-metre-high abstract mountains in which famous Chinese artists presented their work to the public were particularly noteworthy.


Exhibition-Design, Zauberhaftes Anhui


University of Applied Sciences & Arts, Hannover, Germany




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