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M4 Lounge

Redesign of an existing attic apartment. The owners wished to individualize their existing apartment, which they had purchased as a turnkey property about 10 years ago, and to redesign it according to their personal taste and needs. In addition, the apartment was to be supplemented with an air conditioning system, whereby the requirement was that the technology be implemented as invisibly as possible.


In dialogue with the clients, a multitude of smaller and larger points were localized, and for these, a coherent overall concept was developed in the subsequent steps, which led to rooms with clear, modern and inviting living qualities in the implementation. 


Among other things, the following things were realized: the existing ingrain wallpaper was removed in the entire apartment, sockets were added in the ceilings frameless spots and then all walls were filled. Wires for wall-mounted TVs were worked into the wall so that they are invisible, the existing wooden stock staircase was replaced with a cantilever staircase with cantilevered steps. The visual lightness of this construction was rounded off by an illuminated handrail set flush into the wall.


In general, light plays a very important role in the design of the apartment. The slat wall realized in the kitchen with a custom coffee furniture is also an indirect lighting element. The existing kitchen has received a facelift by replacing all horizontal surfaces, as well as the splashback (including coffee furniture and dining table) with a uniform, very valuable material. The gallery level has also been enhanced with a built-in closet extending the entire length of the room. This provides ample storage space as well as room to hide the air-conditioning chest. Indirect, linear lighting was again themed both here and in the ceiling. The wall to the staircase has been perforated and now offers views in and out. At the same time, cherished objects can be staged in the illuminated niches.


Details and value of the individual trades was a central leitmotif of the redesigns.





M4 Lounge


Hannover, Germany


Mirko Pavlovic

Alte Doehrenerstr. 33, 30173 Hannover, Germany

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